"The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday."

Pinique Singleton

Total Life Changes - Health and Wellness Marketing Coach

Shannon Jefferies

 Administrative Coordinator and Manager

Elexia Bostic is an outgoing, motivating builder of people.  Her passion is helping people get from where they are to where they want to be in both personal and professional realms.  She loves being a mother, raising her miracle son (who was born in 2005, weighing only one pound and three ounces).  His miracle birth and life is a testimony and Elexia finds joy in creating opportunities to help him understand the importance of giving back and paying it forward. 

With over 25 years in banking and finance, Elexia has finally found her career sweet-spot by connecting people with people and resources that will take them to the next level.  Although this is not her official role in corporate America, she has become a ‘beacon of light’ to those looking to advance their career.  Nicknamed the ‘career coach’, Elexia has assisted individual contributors and leaders attain measurable career growth. 

 In addition to her official duties in Risk and Compliance as a business consultant, Elexia is a corporate mentor, esteemed Toastmaster and sits on the board of her employer’s African-American employee affinity group and solicits and coordinates corporate volunteers for BDPA, Wake Leadership Academies, and Southeast Raleigh Magnet Academies.    

Elexia spends time volunteering for organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding Together and she teaches financial literacy through Hands on Banking to local organizations including Raleigh Girls Club, John Avery Boys & Girls Club of Durham.

Elexia joined Perfectly Flawed in 2015 and is excited to pursue her Life Coaching certification in 2017 and the opportunity to continue to make an impact in people’s lives by motivating, uplifting and inspiring. 

I am Perfectly Flawed.

Meet the Perfectly Flawed Team 

Johnathan M. Clark

Perfectly Flawed Relationship Counselor and Expert

Nashima Gillespie

Total Life Changes

 Brand Ambassador

Hello all, I am Johnathan M. Clark, Owner and operator of Couples Coaching & Individual Guidance LLC. A graduate of Fayetteville State University, with a focus in Counseling Psychology. Following my bachelors, I dedicated 3 passionate years to mastering my craft by receiving my Masters with a concentration in Marriage & Family Therapy. It's an honor being able to cater to many couples and individuals throughout the triangle. From working on completing my 3rd novel, to developing ways of decreasing the divorce rate one state at a time; my passion for success will continue to be a spark in societies life. I've recently become a partner with ever so motivated Perfectly Flawed LLP owner Dionne Selby, and I can honestly say that I see the future appearing clearer each and every step. Feel free to take a peak at my personal website as we focus heavily on catering to a new YOU: www.Datedocta.com

I am Perfectly Flawed​.

My name is Buena Williams-Worth. I am currently a student at Liberty University graduating with a Bachelor degree in Psychology and pursuing a MA in Family, Marriage and Relationship Therapy. I am also currently working as a Behavioral Health Advocate for a major insurance company.

Being from a large family, learning to cope with the loss of a parent at an early age, feeling stuck in jobs that led to nowhere, and being married for over ten years--I have experienced the ups and downs of love, career, family and marriage relationships, and friendships. Throughout it all, I have found my life’s purpose and learned to appreciate the differences in everyone, while still maintaining my beliefs and sense of self.

As I go through life, my daily desire is to be a great help to many. Whether in my life, past work experiences or in my future career, my goal has always been to empower individuals with enough knowledge and support to help them improve their personal circumstances. I want to inspire and encourage others in finding themselves, hope, purpose and love!

I am Perfectly Flawed.

Gwendolyn Carroll

 CEO, Mastermind Life Coaching LLC

My name is Pinique Singleton and I am an Independent Business Owner with Total Life Changes.  I joined Total Life Changes because health and wellness is very important to me.  But not just my health, your health as well.  When I heard about how awesome the products were and the amazing results people were having, I decided I had to try them for myself.  Once I did, I knew I had to share these products with as many people as possible.  So I locked arms with Total Life Changes and made it my mission to help families live a life of freedom by obtaining optimal health and building a successful home based business.

I am Perfectly Flawed.

Buena Williams-Worth

Perfectly Flawed Intern 

My name is Nashima Gillespie and I'm a mommy of three handsome boys Skyler (6) the eldest and twinies Aiden and Landon (4). One of my passions is working with moms to build businesses from home! I have over 15 years of experience in the corporate arena and a MBA. Using the experience from streamlining scientific and business processes, I'm able to help others streamline existing business processes as well as create new ones in their businesses to align them with efficient outcomes! Total Life Changes is an answer to prayers!!! I love helping people and I desired to find a way to work with flexibility from home to care for my boys! TLC allows me to do that, earn an income, while being the mom I want to be! TLC offers health and wellness products, my first passion and love is science! Today, I still provide health solutions to those who need answers, but now the answers are immediate gratification! Helping people with their health gives me great gratification! 

I am Perfectly Flawed.

Elexia Bostic

Perfectly Flawed Event Director

Shannon Jefferies has been employed with a Fortune 500 company for twenty years. Shannon continuously works with other leaders to enhance her leadership and professional skills when assisting with special projects. She has served as Engagement Ambassador which allowed her to create positive action plans to support the company's mission as while supporting the employee's personal group. With Shannon's new role as Development Ambassador she provides resources, skills and behaviors needed for current or future roles within the corporate arena. She is dedicated to developing individuals as they advance towards their career goals.

I am Perfectly Flawed.

Gwendolyn Carroll.... A true lover of life and passionate about helping individuals become the best version of self. I have worked extensively in Mental Health/Substance Abuse Counseling assisting individuals in exploring ways to make positive changes in life that will allow them to succeed. I hold a BA in Psychology as well as a Masters in HealthCare Administration.

If you feel that you are ready to commit to developing skills needed to bring positive changes in life, I encourage you to that the leap of faith I look forward to talking with you soon.

I am Perfectly Flawed.

“We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.”

– Unknown

Dionne Selby

Founder, Certified Life Coach

Dionne is a Certified Life Coach & Owner of Perfectly Flawed, LLP and a graduate of East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Education. Her Aspiration and desire in life is to help others to always see the greatness in themselves. Her gift is to help motivate people to accomplish their goals in their personal relationships, personal development, personal finance, health and wellness! With over 10 years experience in development, management, coaching, marriage and motherhood, her passion is also seeing success in others!

“Life’s challenges often send us on many roller coasters of ups and downs and often we need to tap back into what motivates us, what inspires us and what keeps us on our path to greatness!” –Dionne 

We are all Perfectly Flawed!