1.  What is Perfectly Flawed’ s objective?  

     To inspire and motivate women and young adults to achieve the personal success they want 
     to see in their life!

2.  What are the services you provide to women and young adults?

     We provide personal 1x1 sessions to give advice and direction to support individuals  

     experiencing a difficult time in their life, and also to provide the advice and motivation needed

     to achieve their personal goals!

3.  How do we offer our services?  

     We offer our sessions Face to Face, email and by phone with a Life Coach. We also host  

     empowering and motivational events to add value to the lives of our growing client base and

     local community. Our events are tailored to your health and wellness, money and finances,

     relationships and personal development and will give you the motivation to achieve the life

     you desire to have! Please see upcoming events for the dates and location!

4.  How can you become a social media member of Perfectly Flawed?

     Please request to join Perfectly Flawed by searching the group in your Facebook browser, to

     receive daily inspiration quotes and encouraging words! Also, once you submit your email

     address, you will be a part of our community to receive notifications from us. Please be sure

     to invite a friend! There is no membership fee.

 5.  How can you contact Perfectly Flawed? 

     You can contact us here on the website, or our email 
     address perfectlyflawedinquiry@gmail.com that will be directed to getting in touch with a Life
     Coach. A Life Coach will respond to you within 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

"The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday."